I believe we all know in our “heart of hearts” what we need in order to move through difficulties, foster healing and wholeness, and cultivate authentic, meaningful lives. Along the way, however, we may have lost this connection to ourselves. As a psychotherapist, my desire is to help you unlock your own heart wisdom, that “center place” of knowing. I offer a variety of holistic and creative ways of working therapeutically to help you re-establish this most important conversation with yourself, and I’d love to enter the conversation with you…

— Martha


I share with you this quote from Parker Palmer as I believe it sheds acute insight and so beautifully expresses a truth that so often eludes us. It's a wonderful place to start our conversation. 

“Heart” comes from the Latin cor and points not merely to our emotions but to the core of the self, that center place where all of our ways of knowing converge — intellectual, emotional, sensory, intuitive, imaginative, experiential, relational, and bodily, among others. The heart is where we integrate what we know in our minds with what we know in our bones, the place where our knowledge can become more fully human. Cor is also the Latin root from which we get the word courage. When all that we understand of self and world comes together in the center place called the heart, we are more likely to find the courage to act humanely on what we know.